PINWM is the web based Professional Institute Network for the West Midlands. It is a loose association of some of the West Midlands most influential professional institutes who all share the common purpose of:

  • Promoting events to Members and Students of all bodies to facilitate their requirement for CPD
  • Creating Networking opportunities across the professions
  • Raising the profile of each of the member institutes to one another’s members and students
  • Enabling the engagement of key speakers for events by ensuring a worthwhile audience

The idea is that each Institute makes a number of its events available to members and students of other Institutes to provide over 50,000 members and students with a wide-range of locally available, low-cost CPD to meet what is now, for most professional bodies, a mandatory requirement of keeping up-to-date. Events can be booked by simply clicking through to the Institute who are organising the event.

Periodically a selection of events will be downloaded from the website and distributed by the participating bodies to all their members and students by e-mail or hardcopy.  We would be pleased to hear from:

  • any Institutes wishing to participate in PINWM
  • any organisations interested in sponsoring PINWM joint events
  • any speakers interested in making CPD presentations to our members and students.

Please get in contact us.